🇬🇧 Non-Slip Vetbed – Union Jack® Design🇬🇧



❤️ Union Jack🇬🇧 Non-Slip Vetbed® size: Approximately 36″ x 26″. (edged) ❤️ 橡膠防跣底層,適用於磚地、木板地或任何光滑表面 ❤️ 疏水、透氣、保溫 ❤️ 預防褥瘡 ❤️ 耐洗、快乾 ❤️ 以人造纖維織製 ❤️ 適用於任何生命週期的寵兒 ❤️ 輕便、易於攜帶 ❤️ 適用於家居、車廂、寵物籠、寵物酒店等等 ❤️ 廣為獸醫診所採用 ❤️ 英國🇬🇧製造 ❤️ 尺寸約為 36吋 x 26" (包邊)

Rincian Produk

Non-Slip Vetbed – Union Jack has most of the benefits of the original Vetbed®

  • The safest and most effective fabric ever developed for professional use
  • A hard-wearing, everyday bed
  • Suitable for all life stages

The pile of the Union Jack Vetbed is 100% polyester, and the backing is a synthetic styrene/butadiene copolymer dispersion, which does not contain rubber latex.


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