Non-slip Vetbed® | 防跣Vetbed®

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A further development from our Original Vetbed®, Vetbed Non-Slip is made with a non-slip backing, which is more suited to wooden or tiled flooring. Suitable for dogs, cats and even rabbits! ❤️ 防跣底層,適用於磚地、木板地或任何光滑表面 ❤️ 疏水、透氣、保溫 ❤️ 預防褥瘡 ❤️ 耐洗、快乾 ❤️ 以人造纖維織製 ❤️ 可以自行裁剪,裁剪口會有少量纖維脫落,梳刷一下便可以處理 ❤️ 適用於任何生命週期的寵兒 ❤️ 輕便、易於攜帶 ❤️ 適用於家居、車廂、寵物籠、寵物酒店等等 ❤️ 廣為獸醫診所採用 ❤️ 英國🇬🇧製造 Non-slip Vetbed has many qualities such as: ❤️ Non-slip backing, ideal for use on polished floors and tiles ❤️ Tremendous strength and durability whilst retaining luxurious feel ❤️ The higher bulk and superb heat retention distinguishes it from all other dog beds ❤️ Easily machine washable without deterioration time after time ❤️ Hygienic, non-irritant, non-allergenic and non-toxic ❤️ Keeps pets dry, warm and cosy ❤️ Suitable for the Home, Office, Car, Kennel, Basket and Traveling Crate ❤️ Made in England 🇬🇧


The pile of our Non-Slip Vetbed is made up of 100% polyester, and the backing is a synthetic styrene/butadiene copolymer dispersion, which does not contain rubber latex.

Please Note: You may find that your Vetbed® sheds some fibres at first. This is normal! During manufacture, loose fibres can get caught in the pile and will come loose during use. Some shedding along the cut edges is to be expected too. The shedding will naturally reduce through use and cleaning. It will not affect the thickness of the pile, or the appearance of your Vetbed® and the fibres are not harmful to animals.



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