Vetbed ® Gold

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Vetbed® Gold is a unique veterinary dog and cat bedding and the first of its kind in the world! The pile is made incorporating fibres known as Ultrafresh®, a soft, non-toxic integral agent containing a silver additive that continually works against bacteria 🦠 and fungi. Vetbed® Gold 採用Ultra-Fresh®纖維,更有效地控制殘留在床墊上的細菌、黴菌、真菌等。隨著床墊上的細菌數目減少,皮屑的分解亦會受到控制,造成敏感的塵蟎會被餓死。 Vetbed® Gold對皮膚過敏的毛孩特別適用。 ❤️疏水、透氣、保溫 ❤️預防褥瘡 ❤️耐洗、快乾 ❤️以Ultra-Fresh®纖維織製 ❤️可以自行裁剪,裁剪口會有少量纖維脫落,梳刷一下便可以處理 ❤️適用於任何生命週期的寵兒 ❤️輕便、易於攜帶 ❤️適用於家居、車廂、寵物籠、寵物酒店等等


Ultra-Fresh® is a silver based bacteriostat which is built into the product at the time of manufacture and lasts for the useful life of the product and

provides control, inhibition and protection from bacteria, fungi, moulds and mildew and prevents odours, rotting, degradation, and control of

odours caused by microbial growth.

  • Machine washable up to 95C
  • Ideal for animals with skin problems or allergies
  • Stays fresher for longer, less doggy smell!
  • Hygienic safe & non-toxic with excellent drainage properties